We were born out of UBELONG, a social organization that since 2010 has built up communities across the world. We don’t focus on social impact because it’s the hip thing to do. We do it because it’s who we are.

10% of the Shop’s profits go to the hospitals, schools and other projects where UBELONG Volunteers serve. Here are some of the projects we support.


Planting Trees

Global warming. Climate change. Deforestation. Acid rain. They are real, they exist and we don’t like them.

Our donations go towards planting trees in the Amazon Forest and Galapagos Islands.

Learn more by exploring UBELONG’s volunteer projects in the Amazon and Galapagos.


Women's Rights

We believe every person, regardless of gender, should have equal opportunity in all areas of their lives.

We help support women’s organizations in Morocco that fight domestic abuse and aim to give women equal opportunity in government, society and everyday life.

See UBELONG’s volunteer projects in Morocco to learn more.