Made With Love

Ridiculously soft, unique, finely made clothing. Plus, sleep at night knowing your clothing was made by people who actually love what they do.


Slow Fashion

We don't rush making our clothing. We travel the world for inspiration. We consider countless fabrics.

In a world of cheap, industrialized, fast-fashion, our clothing stands apart. During production, every item is touched by ten people - we know all of them by name. Our clothing is human. It has a soul.


We Care

Our clothing is made by adults. They are paid fairly and work in good, dignified conditions.

Our fabrics come from cotton mills in the Carolinas, home to some of the softest knits in the world. They're cut and sewn in Brooklyn.

Then, they head to our print and embroidery shop in sunny Charleston, their last journey before being sent to you.

Our Values

  • ubelong-shop-clothing-nature

    We Love Nature

    From the cotton in our textiles to the manufacturing processes we employ, we aim to only use the most environmentally responsible means of crafting clothing.

  • ubelong-clothing-people-first

    People First

    We're not another soulless clothing corporation driven by profit. We're people. We have families, friends and dreams. We take pride in our work and always put people first.

  • ubelong-shop-clothing-seed-to-garment

    Seed To Garment

    Whether it's the superior cotton in our fabrics, the perfect softness of our shirts or the uniqueness of our designs, we put extreme care and attention into creating our clothing.