Our Story

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    In 2008, Cedric Hodgeman was backpacking the world for a year. He was crazy enough to believe he could change the world.

    He dreamed, planned and built. In 2010, he launched an organization called UBELONG that offers international volunteer trips. Fast-forward to today: 7,000 UBELONG Volunteers have served over 4 million hours on UBELONG’s humanitarian and environmental projects in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe. They have saved lives, protected nature and brought hope to thousands.

    For years, UBELONG sold thousands of UBELONG shirts that were manufactured by big businesses. Cedric wondered if UBELONG could craft its own clothing from scratch. The clothing would be made to UBELONG’s own rigorous standards of social responsibility. It would be infused with the love and care UBELONG puts in all other aspects of its work. It would also be a way of further supporting UBELONG’s humanitarian mission: the making of the clothing would help provide good, fair jobs to people, and a portion of the sales would be donated to the schools, hospitals and other projects where UBELONG Volunteers serve.

    It was a challenge too tempting not to tackle. He connected with Filipa Bela, a designer and eternal adventurer. After two years of work, the result is the UBELONG Shop. A space where we craft clothing and accessories inspired by our heroes: UBELONG Volunteers. They come from all over the world and all walks of life, but are connected by their courage. They dare to step out of their comfort zones and take action for the common good. We want them, and all dreamers, action-takers and travellers, to feel at home at the UBELONG Shop.

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    Cedric Hodgeman

    The road eternally calls me. The people I meet along the way inspire me to always keep going. I’m passionate about turning ideas into reality and going where nobody thought possible. I’m an American born in Paris. A heritage from all over the world. I like my shirts soft, bold and comfortable.

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    Our Inspiration

    UBELONG Volunteers

    UBELONG Volunteers come from all backgrounds and nationalities. They travel the world to make a difference – one friendship, one smile, one project at a time. They are our inspiration and part of every UBELONG Shop item we craft.

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    Filipa Bela

    I’m not a fashion designer or stylist. My story is not the one of the girl who always dreamed of working for Prada. I don’t care about fashion trends and rules. I care about people and emotions. I believe that some clothes have the power to tell our stories and make us feel real and genuine. This is my inspiration for the UBELONG Shop.